Reflection – Always Under Construction

Author: gchampli  //  Category: Education

When one does a search on job skills, skill sets, or looks at what curriculum is embedding for students to learn, a frequent requirement is the ability to reflect on what you do. It is something we all do in our mind but rarely put down on paper. Why? Reflection on past performance can help us and others not repeat the same mistake, improve upon good performance, decide on next steps, and dream about the future.
Reflecting is not easy work. It requires us to be vulnerable enough to put our thoughts on paper—even if no one else will see our reflections in writing. In class, we call this journaling. Even harder is writing a reflection and publishing it on your blog (like I am now!). Tonight a teacher sent me a video of her students singing the National Anthem so I could post it on YouTube ( It was easier for me to do that than to reflect on my own struggles with being open to the world of education!
True reflection is always under construction. We may be able to reflect and share early on or it may take a while for us to be comfortable doing so. Just like learning math facts or the mechanics of writing, with practice we get better. As I reflect, this wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. To growth and strength for the future!